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    System 35 Quad Truss
    System 35 Quad TrussQuad lighting truss, a 4 tube truss system in our aluminium 35mm diameter tube, with a wall thickness of 1.5mm. A decorative truss with even higher load bearing abilities than Trio. The beauty of a quad truss system is its simplicity of use as the standard truss junctions are not handed as trio truss systems are. Our advised quad junction is the multi node, no complications, just a multitude of possible applications thanks to our specialist truss cube. No need for a 2 way junction, a 3 way junction or any other combination, just add a few extra bolt on conical connectors and create which ever junction you need at the time. We also offer the basic quad truss junctions too to cater for all budget ranges. The great benefit of a modular lighting truss system is the fact that it is basically a bunch of components which can be arranged in a number of different structural configurations to meet your present exhibition, event or showroom needs. Again a spigot and pin connection system so setting up your quad truss will be quick and easy, we will provide a basic guide to putting up your truss system. Adaptability is our watch word, in many ways, a trussing system is a future proof modular display system. By adding an extra junction or a few more straight truss beams you can very easily alter your design in no time at all and have a fresh look for a new event or promotion needs. We offer a free CAD truss design service so you can see your quad gantry system drawn up to scale. Expect 1 week to supply for any quad lighting gantry system, we may be able to supply within the week if you call through your requirement immediately.
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     Goal Post - System 35 Quad Truss   Goal Post - System 35 Quad Truss

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     System 35 Quad Truss Tower   System 35 Quad Truss Tower

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     Lighting Truss - System 35 Quad   Lighting Truss - System 35 Quad

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     SYS35 Quad Trade Show Stand.   SYS35 Quad Trade Show Stand.

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     Quad aerial lighting truss   Quad aerial lighting truss

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     Lighting Gantry - System 35 Quad   Lighting Gantry - System 35 Quad

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     High Fronted Gantry - System 35 Quad   High Fronted Gantry - System 35 Quad

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     Wall supported exhibition gantry SYS35 Quad   Wall supported exhibition gantry SYS35 Quad

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     Right Angle Truss System- System 35 Quad   Right Angle Truss System- System 35 Quad

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     Display Gantry - System 35 Quad   Display Gantry - System 35 Quad

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     System 35 Quad Truss Display   System 35 Quad Truss Display

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     System 35 Quad Banner Display   System 35 Quad Banner Display

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     Open Fronted Truss - System 35 Quad   Open Fronted Truss - System 35 Quad

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     System 35 Quad Multiple Display   System 35 Quad Multiple Display

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     Perimeter Lighting Truss - System 35 Quad   Perimeter Lighting Truss - System 35 Quad

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     System 35 Quad gantry System   System 35 Quad gantry System

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     SYS35 Quad exhibition gantry backdrop   SYS35 Quad exhibition gantry backdrop

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     Quad Truss Tower - System 35   Quad Truss Tower - System 35

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