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Lighting Truss Hire 19

This structure was designed for a 8m x 8m floor area. The actual dimensions across the aluminium truss staructure is 6675mm and it stands at 3945mm high. The financial investment in purchasing a truss system as this is considerable so why not consider hire of a lighting truss as this. Banners can be set into the apertures of both the tower structure and then the extending legs or wings too. The design was created to cater for a number of products to be promoted, each had it's own area defined by the truss wings. Exhibition gantry hire can be on a supply only basis or a supply and install / remove by our own team of exhibition contractors. A structure as this will be seen across the whole exhibition venue and really stand out from the other displays. All our lighting truss hire systems can be adapted to fit any floor area and priced accordingly.

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